A Pilot Project of Transfer Technology Supported by NABARD

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pilot-project-NABARDIn general, Transfer of Technology is understood as the process of skill transferring, knowledge dissemination, making available technology and other facilities of Government and other institutions to the farmers in order to ensure accessibility of scientific and technological developments to a wider range of beneficiaries who can further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services. It is an initiative of NABARD to increase productivity and incomes of farmers through adoption of new technologies and establishment of linkages with markets.

ADARSA implemented this programme and imparted training to 25 farmers belonging to 9 Blocks of Sambalpur district.  It is envisaged that after undergoing training, these farmers will become master trainers. Each master trainer in turn will impart training and knowledge through farmers club to 20 farmers in their respective areas. Hence, in total 420 (20+400) farmers will be available at village level to provide latest technologies in farming activities, marketing and linking themselves with banks.

Achievements & Impact

  • 9 Blocks were covered and 30 master farmers were imparted training on transfer technology.   
  • The master farmers imparted training to 496 farmers in their respective villages. So in total 442 nos of farmers have acquired the skill and knowledge on the themes mentioned above.
  • SRI method of paddy cultivation were adopted by 1703 farmers
  • 147farmers adopted maize cultivation
  • 247 persons learnt about method of grafting from the master trainers.
  • After training, 945 farmers are practicing organic manure preparation and use it in their fields
  • This programme was highlighted in the media and the message was passed to thousands of people. In future, they may take interest on the same.
  • All the trained farmers are practicing seed treatment procedures for better yield
  • Some trained farmers were cultivating different types of vegetables.