Bringing Green Revolution to Eastern India

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To reduce the gap between the actual and potential productivity of rice and to promote line sowing / planting for overcoming various stresses, and scientific crop management for increasing production. Awareness building in G.P Level and Village Level and Formation G.P Level and Village Level Advisory Committee.  

—  Involvement of multi stake holders :

—  To strengthen the program PRI, Line Department, Krushak Club and active farmers will involves in different stages of the programme.          

  • —  Awareness generating on BGRE both Village level and G.P level.
  • —  15 nos. of meeting are conducted in Village level.
  • —  10 nos. of progressive farmers are selected through G.P level meeting at Advisory committee.
  • —  Village wise area finalization conducted though G.P level Advisory Committee.
  • —  Village wise farmer  short listed and finalize with village level meeting and it is approved by Village Advisory Committee
  • —  112 nos. of soil samples are collected in different villages for soil testing.