Capacity Building Training Programme for PRI Members

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Capacity development programme for PRI Members of SIRD organize with the help of DRDA, Sambalpur Dhankauda, Jujumura and Maneswar of  Block Sambalpur.


 Preparation of Herbal Medicine


To Development of entrepreneurship of 32 members from 10 Women Self Help Groups has got training on preparation of herbal medicine. They made them self as self reliant and self-dependent, strengthens their economic condition. In this training the resource person was Resource Person Mr. Narayan Swain. Different types of herbal medicines preparation and use are:
Preparation of Malaria Medicine, Preparation of hair oil, Preparation of Crack feet cream, Preparation Bam, Sundari cream preparation,Fresh cut burns ( bournol) Preparation, Waist Pain, Joint pain removes Oil Preparation, Dibaties/pyrrhoea ( Madhumeha), Uuoodfordia, fruticosa flower ( Dhataki flower) for the solution of genie disease etc.

Impact of the training:

Now 32 women SHG members from 10 SHG in Dangerpada are well skilled in preparation of herbal medicine. 26 members are now preparing herbal medicines which make them as small entrepreneurs.

Training on Records Keeping and Group management

120 participants from 14 Self Help Groups from 14 villages of Bargaon Gram panchayat of Maneswar Block in Sambalpur district. Among all, the most dominant channel is SHG-Bank Linkage Model both in outreach and geographical spread. SHG bank linkage program can prove to be a key business proposition for the cooperative banking institutions given their extensive outreach in rural areas.


  • The members in WSHGs   independent by handling of group proceedings and group Business activities/loans.
  • They give their decisions in the group through meticulous record keeping