Computer Based Literacy Program (CBFL)

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CBFL (Computer Based Literacy Program) is an initiative by ADARSA to educate people between age group 18-60years. It started in the year 2017 covering 25 villages including Dhankauda, Maneswar, Jujumura. A batch of 50 people were addressed at a time where basic training on number counting and alphabet were given so that people could write their name, their village name, etc. This project ran for 1 year till 2018 where it successfully gave basic education to around 1250 people.

With the success it achieved in past and a motive to further remove illiteracy it again started in 2020 covering 25 villages including Maneswar, Dhankauda block of Sambalpur district. This time the batch was split into two of 25 members each to provide better delivery.