Self Help Group Promotion Activities

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SHG has emerged as one of the more effective strategies for poverty alleviation and promotion of self employment. Micro-finance initiatives by linking up people, and finance and markets at the grass root level for a wide variety of products and services tries to bring development to the poorest in a fully sustainable and enabling manner.

ADARSA’s initiatives in SHG began as early as 2001. The program has grown manifold over the years with the financial support of the FWWB, BASIX, RGVN, Madhya Foundation . Now 207 group newly form with the support of NABARD. Today, a total of 725 SHGs have been formed in Sambalpur district by ADARSA. By joining the SHGs women found their voice and identity as they move towards self-reliance and empowerment.                   

Self help group promotion status

As on March-2013

Total no of SHGs


Total no of CLAs


Total no of Cooperatives


Total no of Members


Total Savings Generated

Rs. 22,15,480/-

Total Inter lending

Rs 17,32,650

Total Bank-Linkage

Rs. 152, 76,700

Total no SHGs Linked with Bank


Total Members Insurance Covered


Highlights of the SHG Promotion Movement

  • Apart from financial achievements and increasing the role of women in household finances, the SHGs have been critical in acting as an instrument for integrated community development programmes. SHG staff and members had a yearlong calendar of activities and workshops that focused on issues of alcoholism, early marriage, female feticide, reproductive child health, sanitation, hygiene and domestic violence. This has had a direct impact on the quality of life of the communities.
  • A marked change in attitudes towards education has emerged. A majority of the girls in the SHG families are in the school system and the women members are also becoming literate in order to conduct transactions and other SHG functions.
  • ADARSA staff has motivated members to join the pulse polio programme and avail family planning facilities and institutional deliveries.
  • The development of overall linkages has seen an increase in the number of people taking advantage of institutions like Hospitals Schools, Banks, Panchayats etc, with an increased awareness of citizens’ rights regarding these.