Western Odisha Education Watch (WOEW)

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Western Orissa Education Watch (WOEW) is a cluster programme that seeks to ensure that all children in the age group 6-14 years attend school on a regular basis and receive quality education. The initiative started in December 2007 with financial support from Edukans Foundation of the Netherlands & YCDA Boudh.

Girl Child leader Monitoring the Special Calss


Key Intervention                                                                          

  1. Poverty Reduction
  2. Strengthening civil society
  3. Lobby & Advocacy

Key Achievement

  • 90% (of total eligible children for primary school     enrollment) enrollment in the government schools.
  • 85 % girl child enrollment.
  • Achieved 70 % retention in the primary school in the operation area
  • 26 nos. of community level institutions were being strengthened to address their issues with focus on education.
  • Facilitate government educational policies access in 12 villages.
  • Took part in a strong regional network of civil society actors to address education.

ACASE STUDY OF JINA CHANDA                         

12 year old Jina chand belongs to charpali village of Dhankauda Block, about 24 KM from Sambalpur District. She is in 7th standard. Jina is living with her Father, Mother, Grand Mother, Grand Father & two Sisters .Her father Tikeswar is a small Paddy farmer. It was very difficult for the family to make ends meet with the earnings from agriculture. Jinas elder sister son had to drop out of school to work as agri-labour.

Suddenly Jina’s life got a change when she came in contact with ADARSA, a NGO working in Sambalpur district. The NGO introduced various soft skills on livelihood for children under earn while you learn.  In the 1st phase of earn while you learn program vegetable seedling were distributed among the school children and special training were given on nursery preparation, use of organic medicine, proper care of plants, watering etc. During schooling period 120 vegetable seedlings i.e. Seedling of better- gold, tomato, chilly were given to Jina.

After acquiring enough skill in nursery preparation Jina planned to start her own nursery but a numbers of hurdles came in her way like zero support from family members, limited land, fear of family members, and fear of loss.

Jina became mentally strong and took all challenges in her stride and planned to start her own nursery which could be done in her home waste land. She used all the agriculture techniques whatever she learnt i.e. right method of nursery preparation, used organic medicine instead chemical, watering to plants two times in the morning and evening etc.     

As a result with in 4-5 months the plants bear fruits in large amount and of good quality. She sold the vegetables in her village and earned Rs 1200. From the earned amount she has saved 500 in post office and rests were used in her study. In this year she has taken another 12 nursery bed and wanted to proceed and become successful like the past year.

Her family members are happy with the success of Jina and they would plan to go for vegetable cultivation in their waste land, combine and produce large amount of vegetables for selling purpose. The father of Jina was of the view that Jina is very good in study and got 1st position in 7th standard and this is due to the magic of earn while you learn program as this program attracts children to school.